Hearing Voices? Peer Support Group

MIMH Hearing voices poster_v1 (1).jpgHearing Voices
‘Hearing voices’ is described as hearing a voice when no-one is present with you, or which other people with you cannot hear. Some people also see things that others can’t see. Others have touch, smell or taste sensations which they can’t explain in everyday ways. These experiences are called hallucinations.
People have many different experiences, some people don’t mind their voices while others find them frightening and distracting. It’s common to think that if you hear voices you must have a mental health problem, but research shows that lots of people hear voices and most of them are not mentally unwell. It’s a common human experience.
If you are having these experiences; would like support or to talk to others in a similar situation then please come along to our new support group
Peer Support Group
Starting Thursday 27th April
…and then every last Thursday of the month thereafter
12.30 – 2pm
Cost: £2
Taking place at:
The Stevenage Wellbeing Centre | 13 Town Square | Stevenage | SG1 1BP
For all enquiries please contact Vicky Nunley on: 01438 369 216 or email Vicky.nunley@mindinmidherts.org.uk.
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